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OmegaBears is a collection of NFTs created to protect the Universe. They are made from various outfits,Glasses and Bears. Get your own!

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0.7 SOL per Omega


 Each NFT is algorithmically  generated by combining 80 unique  traits with varying rarity across  categories.

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What are Omega Bears?

OmegaBears is a collection of Bears created to protect the universe they self call them Omegas. They are made from various outfits,Glasses and Bears. The 1st generation of 1000 Omegas.Some have different body types, some rarer than others so pick you someone you like the most.

What do I get?

You get a Image or animated GIF of you Omega, the right to do everything with him, the chance to stake him and be one of the lucky to get free merchandise and airdrops.

How do I get my stuff?

The images & Omega metadata will be released after OmegaBears NFTs sell out. We will update collectors via our Discord with the date/time of when the content will be available. Once the metadata is updated, you get informed and you will be able to download the additional file formats from Pinatacloud.

Why OmegaBears?

By collecting Omegas you'll have a voice in the community and help guide the direction of the project and development of the story. Already some great ideas have come from the community. Working together we can continue the grow the Omega ecosystem!

?What's on the roadmap?

           Phase  1

- Setting up Discord & Twitter
- Preparing the Website
- Giveaways and free NFTs

           Phase  3

- Launching sales/listing/           rarity bot to Discord
- Start of Breeding and Staking
- First airdrop of $OMEG token
- Host  collaborations  with
   other Projects

           Phase  4

- Bredding  new  Omegas  and     raise them
- Publish  Merchandise  that  is     personalised  after  your
- V2 Omegas will begin
- Omega Universe expands

           Phase  2

- 1000 Bears launched onto the    Solana blockchain
- Pre Sale for OGs
- 10 Legendary Omegas will get    on a Auction


What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for "Non-fungible token," which means that it's a unique, digital item with blockchain-managed ownership that users can buy, own, and trade. Some NFT's fundamental function is to be digital art. But they can also offer additional benefits like exclusive access to websites, event tickets, game items, and ownership records for physical objects. Think of it as a unique piece of art that can also work as a "members-only" card. Omegas works like this.

 How do I NFT?

 New to NFTs? No worries,  here are some steps on what  you need to do to get your  Omega.

 1.Download the  extension for  the Chrome/Brave browser  or  app on mobile. This will  allow  you to make purchases  with  Solana and can be found  in  the  extensions tab. If you  are  on  mobile, you must use  the  Phantom App Browser

 2.You can purchase Solana  throug an exchange  like Coinbase.

 3.Click on Connect at the top  of the page and connect your  Phantom. Once joined, you  will be able to purchase the  NFTs in the mint section. You  will be prompted to sign your  transaction.

 4.Once you have made your  purchase, your OmegaBear  NFTs will be viewable in your  Wallet.